By inserting the mouthpiece fitted around your existing orthodontics and wearing the activator for 20 minutes everyday, AcceleDent Optima can speed up tooth movement through the use of SoftPulse Technology™. Faster tooth movement may decrease the duration of your orthodontic treatment and may help to make your orthodontics more comfortable. The mouthpiece gently vibrates the teeth and surrounding bone, allowing teeth to move more freely. You may experience a slight tingling sensation, much like that of the vibration of an electric toothbrush, but it should diminish after you become accustomed to using the appliance. 


  • Accelerate your orthodontic experience without sacrificing aesthetics.
  • Acceledent is also thought to minimize the discomfort that is associated with orthodontic treatment.
  • AcceleDent can be used for adolescents, teens, and adults.
  • The appliance is lightweight and comfortable. 
  • The hands-free design allows you to achieve a beautiful, straight smile faster than you ever thought possible – even while reading, watching television, listening to music, or doing school work.