Traveling this summer with Braces!

We realize that the nice weather is here and the kids are out of school. Most families are getting ready to set sail to different parts of the world to make some great summer memories. We wanted to help with some tips if you or your child have braces during the travelling season. 


Before you leave for your Summer trip, we recommend you see us a few days before your trip for a quick checkup to make sure everything is intact. Dr. Nizam will check that your brackets are secure, there are no loose wires, and that nothing is currently uncomfortable. We will also give you some wax to keep handy for any poking wires during the trip. 


Be sure to pack all the things you may need while not at home, including extra wax or rubber bands. It’s not uncommon with braces, to have a broken or loose wire that pokes and irritate your cheek. The best way to remedy that until you can get in to the office and have it clipped is ball up a small piece of wax, and put it right over the offending area. Push it down and it will give you a lot of comfort until you are able to get to the office and we can clip the wire there.

Additionally, we can give you the name of an orthodontist in the area of your travel in case you need to be seen for an emergency appointment before you return.

We wish you safe and memorable travels this summer!