Dr. Nadia Nizam

Dr. Nadia Nizam is an orthodontist in Calgary, Alberta, who specializes in creating beautiful smiles for all ages. She is originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia and moved to Calgary when she met her husband. Although she is a maritimer at heart, she is getting use to the lifestyle of the West. 

Dr. Nizam obtained her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree with Distinction from Dalhousie University, Halifax (2003) and her Master of Clinical Dentistry in Orthodontics from the University of Western Ontario, London (2009). She is a registered Orthodontist and a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists. Prior to starting her orthodontic career, Dr. Nizam was a Captain in the Canadian Army, stationed in Kingston, Ontario. She served her country for four years as a General Dentist, providing dental care to our troops and their families. The time served with the armed forces have taught her leadership and how to survive adversity with your head held up high.

After four years of general dentistry, she decided to pursue her dream of creating beautiful smiles and moved to London, Ontario to start her speciality program. During the course of the three year intensive program, she managed to meet her husband and started planning her future in Calgary. Although her dream was always to teach at her alma matter (Dalhousie University) and return home (Halifax) to her parents after being away for almost 8 years. Therefore, she decided to take a year for herself and move back with her parents and teach at Dalhousie Dental School as an Orthodontist and fulfill her dream. 

Dr. Nizam is passionate about her career and maintains membership with local, national and international associations. Dr. Nizam runs her own study club where she educates general dentist and their staff on the need for orthodontics and when to refer patients to a specialist. 

Dr. Nizam enjoys spending time with family, friends, running, hiking, cooking and baking. Her dream one day is to become a Le Cordon Bleu Chef. She loves to travel and explore the world and its diverse cultures. She and her husband are proud parents of two beautiful children: Faraz and Maya. They travel at least 2-3 times a year to somewhere they have never been and teach their children the value of diversity and adversity. 

She and her staff believe in treating patients exactly the way they would treat a member of their own family. Dr. Nizam appreciates that parents and individuals make a large financial commitment when they start the journey of straightening their smile and bite. She takes this commitment seriously and respects it.