Covid-19 and Invisalign Care

- March 26, 2020

During these times of self-isolation and our office being closed, Invisalign patients are at an advantage.

When Dr. Nizam creates the aligners for you, she designs your teeth to move in advance, which means as long as you are wearing your trays, there is no delay in your treatment. If you are an Invisalign patient, here is what we want you to do:

  1. Count your trays and make sure that you have at least 8-10 weeks of trays. If you don’t, we would like for you to wear your trays for longer than 7 days to get you 8-10 weeks of time before you come see us.
  2. If you have enough trays, we would like you to wear your trays as normal. Since most people are off school or working from home, try to get 20-22 hours of aligner wear if possible.
  3. If you are wearing elastics, you can send your teeth pictures to us to analyze if you still need to continue to wear elastics. (see instructions below);
  4. If you are running low on elastics, send us an email and we will mail more out to you.
  5. If a tray is not fitting, go back to the one that was fitting well and call us.
  6. If a tray is loose, try the next tray. Sometimes there is a manufacturing defect in the tray.
  7. If you loose a tray, move to the next one.

Hopefully the above points, will help you navigate through these tough times.

Remember, we are not able to see you in the office, but we can also video chat with you.

Stay Healthy.