Does Smiling Effect Your Life For the Better?

- September 03, 2018

It was actually Darwin, who first proposed in the 19th century that facial expressions didn't only reflect emotions, but also caused them.

Your smile brings others towards you, can show your mood, but more amazingly can alter your mood. Smiling can make you feel happy. Smiling also makes you look younger as it lifts the face without even undergoing a surgery! That alone should change your mood.

Studies show that when you smile, there is a considerable reduction in your blood pressure as you are more relaxed and calm. If you are in in physical pain, studies also reveal that smiling releases endorphins and serotonin which are natural pain killers.

In the 1980s studies on the physiology of smiling found that when test subjects were asked to contort their faces in fear, their body temperature increased and their pulses sped up.

Taking into consideration the benefits of smiling above, there is really no question why you should invest in smiling. It all get very technical, but the study showed that a warmer brain produced negative emotions. The brain temperature is reduced during the act of a smile, and the brain then produces more positive and happy feelings. That gives you a lot of control over your mood. Laughter and smiling can really be the best medicine.

So Where Does Orthodontics Come Into Play?

Think about it. If you smile more, you will have an increased happy mood. If you lack the confidence to smile because of what you may consider to be a flawed jawline, teeth, or smile - that is where orthodontics can help.