How to prevent teeth from staining?

- December 03, 2018

Everyone wants white stain-free teeth.

It is sometimes harder to achieve pearly whites if you have habits, such as drinking 5 cups of coffee a day and smoking. Here are some of our favourites that can help you maintain your pearly whites.

  1. Brushing

    No surprises here, right? Brushing removes plaque, and use of a whitening toothpaste even goes further to keeping those pearly whites ... well white.

  2. Flossing

    Goes hand in hand with brushing. Flossing just takes a few minutes daily, morning and night and helps to remove the plaque between teeth. Even that plaque causes staining, and worse (tooth decay).

  3. Use a Straw

    The less liquid that touches the teeth, the better. Drinking with a straw, say in the case of ice coffee can limit the possibility of staining, by keeping the coffee off your smile.

  4. Make a Whitening Paste At Home

    Mixing small amount of baking soda with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, creates a pretty effective home whitening paste. Done right, it shouldn't be runny OR too gritty. It should be just in between those textures.

  5. Milk

    Milk added to your tea or coffee latches onto the tannins in tea and coffee, according to the article, and eases the staining chances. Sorry dieters, but high-fat milk is best for this purpose.

  6. Sip Water Between Cups of Coffee

    Here's a good one. Drinking water between sips of coffee or tea can help to wash the staining chances away, and as you know ... you're supposed to be drinking more water anyway.

  7. Drink It Quickly

    The longer your teeth are exposed to coffee and tea, the more chance you have of creating stains.

We think these tips are pretty good. You might have to add a quick tooth brushing at work, if you drink your coffee on the way to work or at the office.