What are the steps to get started with my Orthodontic Journey?

- September 1, 2023

Most adults have known for a while that they might have crooked teeth or their bite does not feel quite right but have not taken the steps to start their orthodontic journey. Our teen and younger patients are usually sent to us by their dentist for either limited space for the adult teeth eruption or they have a bite problem that could be causing them discomfort. Either way, the day you decide to get your teeth straightened or you have been referred to an orthodontist, the process to locating an orthodontist starts. We hope that you call Impressions Orthodontics and select Dr. Nizam to take care of your bite and smile for you.

When you call our office, we will obtain all the necessary information to establish an appointment for you. Our treatment coordinator will obtain your xrays from your dentist and also call your insurance company to enquire about your coverage for orthodontics.

Consultation (40-50mins)

Our consultation includes taking pictures of your face and teeth, iTero scan of your teeth (to show you what your teeth/bite will look like after treatment) and obtaining any necessary x-rays that Dr. Nizam might need to establish an accurate diagnosis. She will conduct a visual examination of your face and teeth followed by detailed explanation of the main concerns with your bite and teeth. You will be provided with various options regarding treatment (such as Braces, Invisalign and Spark), the expected treatment time, and an estimation of the treatment fee.

Records and Treatment Planning

Before any treatment can be started it is necessary to obtain all x-rays, 3D study models (using the iTero Scanner), and photographs. These enable Dr. Nizam to predict the stage of growth in children, see in what direction growth has occurred in adults, evaluate space available to correct the problem, assess for any compensations present, measure the relationship between the upper and lower jaws, evaluate the bone structure, roots of teeth, jaw joints, and the effect of muscle function. In most cases, these records are taken in our office on the day of treatment commencement or the day of the consultation.

Financial Talk with our Financial Coordinator

Once a decision to start treatment has been made, the choices for financial arrangements are discussed with our financial coordiantor.

We offer:

  • flexible no interest payment plans
  • discounts for accounts pre-paid in full
  • family member discounts

Start Appointment

This is likely to be the longest appointment of the orthodontic process as we place the orthodontic brackets or Invisalign/Spark attachments at a precise location on each individual tooth. We place new trays or initial wires to get the process of tooth movement started. A huge part of this long appointment is the discussion around hygiene techniques, diet restrictions, and management of discomfort or emergencies are reviewed as part of the education process. Dr. Nizam always calls the next day to answer any questions you or your child might have along with give you suggestions to deal with the first 48 hours of getting a new appliance in your mouth.

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