What can my child eat with braces?

- November 08, 2019

Food That Can Be Eaten with Braces

You can still eat most food with braces. It’s important that your child cleans their teeth properly after eating because food can easily get stuck in their braces. Foods that can be eating with braces include:

  • Bread – pre-cut loaves of bread, soft tacos and tortillas are safe options
  • Dairy – soft cheese, yoghurt and dips are fine to eat with braces
  • Grains– rice, noodles and all kinds of cooked pasta are soft and suitable for braces
  • Cakes & Muffins – pancakes, soft slices and biscuits
  • Soft Meats & Chicken – leave the crackling off the plate but you can still enjoy roast, deli and barbecued meats that aren’t too chewy
  • Cooked Vegetables – most soft, cooked vegetables eaten from a fork are fine so there’s no excuse for your child not to eat their brussel sprouts
  • Seafood– avoid any bones and shell but otherwise fish, crab, salmon, oysters and mussels are suitable foods for braces
  • Soft fruits – bananas, kiwi fruit, pineapple, strawberries, stone fruits (but cut it off the stone so you don’t accidentally bite into it)
  • Sweet treats – ice cream, jelly, smoothies and milkshakes are all fine to indulge. Of course be aware of the harm eating too much sugar can do to their teeth and overall health so keep these as occasional treats