What Does it Mean to be a DIGITAL Orthodontist?

- August 17, 2020

Dr. Nizam has always believed in staying well informed about the advances in orthodontics.

We are a digital orthodontic office in Calgary, AB. What that means is we are completely impression free! No more goop and gagging issues!

At Impressions Orthodontics we opt to use a state of the art iTero Scanner to take digital impressions of your teeth rather than traditional impressions. We feel that the iTero Scanner provides more efficient results than traditional impression; the 3-D scans make it possible to create very precise aligners for each stage of treatment. The biggest advantage this method has over traditional impressions is that we can see impressions on the screen in real time. Scanners can even show spots where there are gaps missing as data is still scanning. When this happens, we can simply move the wand back over these problem spots. This is incredibly beneficial in correcting mistakes before they happen. In traditional impressions, it is impossible to catch any mistakes until the model is cast and then the process must be repeated.

Additionally, digital impressions have a much speedier turnaround time than traditional impressions. Digital impressions can be submitted directly to Invisalign® allowing your treatment to begin on day one. In contrast, at this same point, traditional impressions would still be waiting for the model to set before being cleaned and prepared to be shipped to Invisalign®, adding more than a week for delivery time.

How It Works

The iTero Digital Impression System uses optical technology to capture the shape, location, and alignment of your teeth, gums, and other oral tissues. It takes approximately 6000 pictures of your teeth every second. This information is collected using a compact, handheld wand and then transferred through digital software to our computer.

Once the information is on the computer, it is used to construct a virtual model of your mouth, similar to an x-ray, but with more detail. This model can be used to assess how well various treatments will work for you, and our dentist can use it to determine whether an orthodontic method like Invisalign®️ suits your jaw alignment.

Who Can Use iTero?

The iTero Digital Impression System is available to all of our patients regardless of their budget or needs. The system is a beneficial diagnostic tool because it allows Dr. Nizam to make an accurate model of your mouth before treatment begins. We can also model potential procedures to give you an idea of what the outcome will be.