Why Do Different Orthodontists Charge Different Fees for Braces/Invisalign?

- January 29, 2017

Usually parents/patients are surprised when they realize that the cost of braces/Invisalign differ from office to office.

There are lots of factors that determine how an office will charge for braces/Invisalign, such as, cost of braces/invisalign, cost of staff, cost of the facility and its maintenance, location in the city, etc.

Supplies are the biggest variable in setting the price. Although to the public, it might seem that all braces are the same, it is surely not the case. Just like there are different makes/models of cars and purses, from high end to the economical options, braces have the same range. Similarly, offices have different diagnostic equipment such as the digital x-ray machine, iTero Digital Scanner, etc. The above mentioned equipment can range from $60,000 to $150,000 to purchase. When an office purchases such equipment, they are making a conscious effort to reduce radiation and not to take impressions that cause gag reflux. Offices that use better materials, more innovative appliances (including Invisalign), and better technology must pass the costs of these improvements on to their patients.

Another visible difference between orthodontic offices is the facility in which the practice is located and the amenities provided. Although you may be able to get straight teeth in a stark, institutional facility, many families prefer an office that is more comfortable, innovative, and fun. Those additional perks also come at a price. The location of the office also is a factor. An office located in certain parts of Calgary will have lower price point due to the rent associated with the facility versus another high-end area of the city. Just like home prices are different in the city, similarly the price of orthodontic treatment also differs.

Sometimes patients who shop around for an orthodontist will find the treatment, staff, and facility they want in one office but a lower fee in another. The decision to make is what are you looking for? Surely, from life experiences, you realize the famous saying, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!. Hopefully this information helps explain why orthodontic fees are not the same everywhere.