Why Summer is a great time to start Invisalign Teen?

- June 18, 2018

Orthodontic treatment can be started at any time, but as we approach summer, we wanted to share three reasons why it’s a great time to start your teen’s treatment.

As you may know, Invisalign uses a series of progressively changing transparent aligners that are each worn for two weeks. These aligners are precisely made with exact calculations to shift your teeth into their ideal position, giving your teen a straighter, more beautiful smile.

So, here’s three reasons why Summer is the perfect time to make your initial appointment with Impressions Orthodontics about Invisalign Teen.

  1. Time for appointments: Without the obligations of school, teens have more time for orthodontic appointments. You might have more time yourself, especially at the end of vacations or staycations.
  2. Time to get used to life with Invisalign: There are some adjustments to make, but not as many as with traditional braces. Your teen can brush, floss, and eat without restrictions. The Invisalign tray is removed during that time. They will have to get used to wearing the trays for most of the day, keeping them clean, and changing to the next tray as prescribed.
  3. Results starting to show for back-to-school: If your teen starts treatment in April or May, there will be dental adjustments that begin to show, even while wearing Invisalign. The treatment won’t be complete for the first day of school, but confidence will have risen and a new and improving smile will be ready to share.