Is age a factor when it comes to straightening teeth?

- January 10, 2016

Am I too old to get straighten my teeth?

You probably couldn’t do anything with my teeth mess, could you? Do you think Invisalign would work for me as I am 50 years old?, etc. These are question I get asked on a weekly basis from parents and grandparents of current patients. My answer: “Healthy teeth can be moved at any age”.

Age brings vulnerability and the thought that certain doors of opportunity are closing, straightening teeth being one of them. What technology and changing times are teaching us is that, 50 is the new 40, Age is just a number, etc. Adults in their 30s, 50s and even late 80s are taking much better care of their health and therefore eliminating the health concerns that were once part and parcel of these age groups.

My practice (Impressions Orthodontics) is made of 50% adults over the age of 25. This goes to show you that adults that were not given the opportunity to get braces when they were teenagers are now seeking it for different reasons, such as bad bite, TMJ, aesthetic correction, etc. A great-looking smile is a surefire way to boost self-confidence and studies have demonstrated that orthodontic treatment can even enhance an adult's career opportunities and social life. There is also a potential health benefit, as misaligned teeth can be harder to clean, setting the stage for tooth decay and gum disease. Straightening teeth can also make chewing more comfortable. So there are many reasons to consider orthodontic treatment at any age.

Along with the benefits, the stigma of having braces (metal mouth) is not longer a concern due to the availability of inside braces (Incognito) and Invisalign (clear aligners). They perform just like braces and correct the smile and bite with the same accuracy and time. There is also no cost difference to choose Invisalign as an option to get to your dream smile.

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